Lauren & Jedd

A windy Autumn wedding down at Seacroft Estate on the Great Ocean Road.

Lauren and Jedd celebrated their big wedding day down at Seacroft Estate at the Great Ocean Road. Surrounded by gorgeous views of the coast and the lovely forests at the Great Otway National Park, it’s pretty hard not to make it the perfect day. The Kiwi couple brought their family over from New Zealand and their friends down from Melbourne. It was all set for a lovely little getaway weekend.

With an April wedding, it’s hard to forecast what the weather would be like. As a wedding photographer, I often get asked about what we do if the weather is unpredictable or rainy. My best tip? Embrace it like these to did. Driving from one location to the other, it poured down. However, we didn’t get a single drop while photographing. It was windy and the sea was rough, but these two put it all together with good humour, lots of love and laughter. Jedd even got it a good surf with his friends in the morning!


Seacroft Estate is a historic former monastery, set at the most gorgeous location looking over the Great Ocean Road. Their chapel has been restored in 1920’s style with original wood panelled doors, unique milk glass lighting and historic stained glass windows. With the bride and groom bringing their friends and family, Seacroft Estate could even sleep up to 50 people, allowing them to stay with their guests on-site for the weekend. All in all, it worked perfectly for Lauren and Jedd’s wedding day and I would love to be back for another wedding at the coastline.

Shot while shooting for the lovely Ella Palij.

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