Mathilde + Ola | Hamardomen, Norway

Hamardomen and Hamar Sagbladfabrikk

“The medieval ruins of a cathedral have been covered by a giant glass sculpture. Instead of taking over the old building completely, the new structure highlights its beauty as well as protects it”, With an introduction like that, it’s hard not to like the glorious viewings of the old cathedral, Hamardomen.  For years I had seen pictures of the amazing ruins, but never even been close to seeing it myself. With Mathilde and Ola’s interest, that finally got to an end.

It’s fair to say that I was pretty excited the day the lovely couple got in touch. We met up for a cup of coffee at Grünerløkka in Oslo and immediately connected. The couple were incredibly cute together and I couldn’t think of a better idea then to photograph their wedding at Hamardomen and Hamar Sagbladfabrikk.